New Peonies 2021

This year is all about Flower Power! It is obvious where the monotone blocks got us! Of course, we can all agree to disagree, but consider adding some colour, it will make you happy. 

Anyway, we couldn’t resist to give some hints in the “You might also like” section. Apart from this we updated our catalogue with new and yes! colourful varieties. Some we have been multiplying over many years and others are the backbone of our catalogue. 

As always, we try to find beautiful strong stemmed varieties. They do not require any support and make your lives easier. Give you more time to enjoy your garden and contemplate on the wildlife and buzzing friends. Oops, the buzzing friends. You do tend to forget about those. But no worries, as every year we have a selection for our bees and we hope you will find a place for those as well, since the little creatures do need a helping hand. 

We hope you enjoy our new catalogue and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us, because we love to help create a colourful flower powered world.

New Peony catalogue 2021