In October 2020

Autumn peony harvest

Let winter work its magic

Join us at the farm for sound advice and choose from our wide range of beautiful old-fashioned varieties and bold newcomers. Our catalogue is available online. If you want to be sure your favourite peony is still there, order in advance through our website or contact us beforehand.

We harvest our sturdy and energetic roots in autumn. After a thorough wash they are divided. At Graefswinning, this is done exclusively manual to assure we only choose the best! Often our peonies flower in the first year.

Autumn is the ideal time to plant your roots. Let winter works its magic and as soon as spring approaches, new growth starts to emerge. Of course, a good soil preparation is half the work done. Visit our hints and tips section for more information. 

House Guest 2019 - Michael Camphausen

Autumn is the ideal time to plant a variety of nature's beauties. We are pleased that the well-known German plantsman Michael Camphausen will join us and bring a selection of rare and beautiful flower bulbs from his collection. The extent and information about his collection can be found on his website. Feel free to reserve in advance, then you can pick up your treasures directly on our farm.

Hints and Tips

Throughout the day, mini-presentations are given in the barn. Autumn is the planting time par excellence and therefore we like to touch on some practical issues and demystify some key questions!


Graefswinning farm address - Diestersteenweg 222 - 3850 Nieuwerkerken in Belgium. 

We are located just off the main road from Sint-Truiden to Herk de Stad. So, some GPS devices don't recognise us. Please check a route planner before you leave. 

Parking space is available at the farm.

Mini-presentations, shop and order pick-up are in the barn on the left side of the farm.

ATTENTION: In October the fields are prepared for winter. If you wish to see our fields in flower, you are welcome to join us at the Spring Peony Weekends


xx & xx October 2020 from 10 am till 5pm.

We look forward to your visit.