Graefswinning is our 18th century farm. It has stood the test of time and - being a working farm - has undergone many changes. The name is appropriate; "Winning" stand for "winning or gaining" from your land. In our case peonies!

The farm

The farm

Farm and nursery address:

  • Graefswinning
  • Diestersteenweg 222
  • 3850 Nieuwerkerken Belgium
  • BE0827865801
  • T +3211883611

We are located just off the main road, so some GPS devices don't recognise us. Please check your route planner before you leave.  

There is parking available at the farm.

Click here for more information on our open field days in spring or autumn harvest weekend in autumn

Our team

Our team

For the gardener and flowerlover we specialise in:

For the professional we specialise in:


Fresh from our fields

Peonies for your garden
Our peonies are available at the nursery, at garden shows and via our website. Our catalogue includes a large selection of bare root and containerised peonies. Bare root peonies can be ordered throughout the year. To place an order, visit our on-line store or contact us by email. Roots are harvested in the autumn. Our peonies cultivated with care, are also delivered with care.          
Cut flower peonies 
If the seasons are close to your heart, peonies are surely one of your preferred spring flowers. Freshly picked and well cared for they will keep for more than a week in a vase. We grow a wide range of beautiful old-fashioned beauties as well as daring newcomers. Whether you are a florist, you run a trendy restaurant, you are a creative entrepreneur or wish them just for your pleasure or as a gift, contact us for more information on availability, prices and timing.
peony  tractor