General Information

At the moment visits to our farm are NOT allowed. However we are open for business online 24/7. It is possible to reserve quality roots for autumn planting and/or order our peonies in deep 7L pots.

If you need any information on planning your border or chose the best location for a cut flower garden, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our FacebookInstagram and webpages "Discover peonies" for more information. 

Containerised peonies in 7L pots are now ready. Orders can still be reserved for pick up at the farm or at garden shows at a time to be communicated at a later stage.   If for Corona reasons the reserved pots cannot be picked up, we will ship the roots free of charge in autumn, or you can pick them up in autumn.  For more information about our agenda, please click here, we update the agenda on a daily basis. 

Home delivery of our pots in Belgium

If you can't get to the peonies, the peonies come to you!

Because the new growth of peonies is too fragile to ship with a courier and to avoid unexpected delays we organise a weekly delivery trip around Belgium.  Orders above 100€ will be delivered to your door free of charge. Smaller orders can still be reserved for pick up at the farm or at garden shows at a time to be communicated at a later date. 

For the moment we foresee one weekly delivery tour. To avoid any contact, orders must be paid in advance and in full. We will inform you of the drop off date by email. When we are on the road we will try to keep you informed as well, so please include your mobile phone number in your account. The pots will be delivered at your door together with our hints and tips on how to care for your peonies. If you wish to prepare in advance please click here for our hints and tips. 

Médecins sans Frontières 

We have great respect for all those who work hard to keep us save. We decided to donate 10% of each order to Medecins sans Frontières in support of their efforts to help those who have an already overstressed health care system. 

We thank you for ongoing support. Take good care,

The Graefswinning Team