Peony bouquet gift subscription • Pre-order

Treat yourself or someone dear. 


Receive three beautiful peony bouquets in spring and save twice on shipping costs!

Throughout the peony season we will surprise with a succession of different and exiting varieties, which is just the epitome of luxury!

We grow 15 different varieties, all are exceptional for their shape, colour and scent. The peonies arrive in bud so you can watch them bloom. 

The flowers are delivered by Fresh-service and they will arrive on Friday, just in time for the weekend. Depending on the weather, there may be slight fluctuations but the first shipment is expected to start mid-May. We will inform you before the first delivery. 

We pick one, two, three or even more varieties fresh from our fields per delivery.

You get 3 consecutive weekly deliveries of 25 peonies per delivery, so 75 stems in total.

Delivery in Belgium (15,00€) and Luxembourg (20,00€) only.

You will receive a gift card per email to send or give.

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Please do not combine roots with your cut flower order. 

Peony Details


In bud - take in account that they need a few days to open fully
Minimum length
55 cm