• P. Illini Belle

Peony Illini Belle

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Paeonia herbaceous hybride "Illini Belle". Multiple rows of wavy dark maroon petals surround a tuft of golden stamens.

The velvety flowers appear early in the season and therefor are an interesting addition to extend the flowering period of your peonies. The colour is compatible with yellows and other warm tones. The strong stems stay perfectly upright and form a beautiful display with lush dark green foliage. 

Named after the Illinois Confederation, or Illini, a former group of 12-13 Native American tribes in the upper Mississippi River valley of North America.  The Illinois lived in a seasonal cycle related to cultivation of domestic plants and hunting, with movement from semi-permanent villages to hunting camps. They seasonally lived in long houses and wigwams of wood and woven mats. They planted crops of maize, beans, and squash, famously known as the "Three Sisters". * from Wikipedia.

American Peony Society Convention 2014 Best in show – Grand Champion.

Registered in 1941.

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Peony Details

Glasscock Lyman D.

Data sheet

Colour Palette From red to purple
Flowering Period From Week 2 | Early
Flower form Semi-double
Height c| 60 to 80 cm | 24" to 32"
Flower Bud(s) One main flower bud
Usage As a landscape peony and for a garden bouquet