Flowering period

Peonies are true spring flowers. The flowering period starts in May and ends in June. Weather conditions - such as a warm spring - as well as location influence and determine the flowering starts and for how long a season lasts. Under normal weather conditions flowering at the farm starts beginning of May. Generally a new group starts every new week. i.e. The Very Early group is Week 1 of the flowering period. 

But there is always a peony in bloom somewhere on this planet!

This is their story. 

The sound of the cuckoo announces the first peony shoots, but the suspense remains. Suddenly, an explosion of lush green foliage and promising buds mark the start of the season.

The botanical peonies bloom first and herald the coming of spring. A week passes, and the tree peonies start their show. P. Leda is one of the first to bloom, closely followed by P. Black Panther. Amidst the dazzling performance of the tree peonies, the single varieties begin to stir. The shoots of P. Abalone Pearl always have an edge over the rest. But the first playful flowers come from P. Roselette and P. Fuchsia Cuddles. 

Followed by the European peony, P. officinalis Rubra Plena, and the semi-double varieties like P. Miss America and P. Coral Sunset. 

The double and Japanese varieties appear to hesitate, but suddenly are in full bloom. P. Hot Chocolate, P. My Love, P. Sarah Bernhardt and many others beg for our attention. Showstoppers are P. Chiffon Parfait, P. Whopper, and P. Garden Treasure which just does not want to stop.

From shoot to seed

Most single, japanese and semi-double varieties add an extra touch: they, with great pride, display their typical seed capsules. Mature and vigorous plants are capable of handling this extra burden. They are a bonus for the gardener, and make the season even more interesting.