Farm-fresh Peony flowers arrive at your door as if they'd just been cut from your own garden.  Express delivery in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, Finland and Sweden.


The timing 

We grow about a dozen varieties to ensure a continuous flow of freshly picked peonies over a four-week period from mid-May to mid-June. However, this season will probably be earlier. First we pick the early varieties and as the season progresses, the other varieties follow. 

Throughout the season, we can overwhelm you with a succession of different and exciting varieties ... which is just the epitome of luxury!

We follow the seasons and do not force our flowers. We are totally dependent on the weather. This is our deliberate choice; slowly grown they last longer and bring more joy. As a result, we cannot promise a particular variety at a particular time. On the bright side, it is always a pleasure to see the plump fully grown buds ready for despatch. 

Cultivated with care

Once the buds are mature they are harvested, this is precision work. To avoid any damage the sorting and bundling is done with care and therefore by hand. All this to ensure that our cut flower peonies will give you at least a week's worth of pleasure.

Depending on the weather we pick the flower buds once or several times a day. But we never pick more than 1/3 to 1/2 of a plant, to keep it healthy and strong and safeguard its future. Only the prettiest and largest buds are selected the rest are left on the plant.

Vase life and aftercare

Unpack on arrival and follow the simple instructions provided. Do not place the flowers near fruit as the ethylene gases will accelerate the ripening process! Keep them out of direct sunlight and, if possible, put them in a cool place at night. Always use a perfectly clean vase and clean water.

There is nothing like a peony to slowly but surely reveal all its beauty. That is why we try to keep the chilling period as short as possible. Once they are at room temperature, they need a few days to flower. Then you can enjoy the open flowers.

Delivery in May. You will be contacted beforehand.

If you confirm your order before the start of the harvest, your flowers will of course be the first to be despatched. And the first ones are always the most stunning.

24-hour cool-controlled delivery to Belgium and Luxembourg (15.00€).

Orders paid before 18:00 will be dispatched the next shipping day and delivered the day after.*

  • For delivery on Saturday order on Thursday.
  • For delivery on Tuesday order on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • For delivery on Wednesday order on Monday.
  • For delivery on Thursday order on Tuesday.
  • For delivery on Friday order on Wednesday.

Overnight Express delivery to France, Germany (24.00) Austria, Finland and Sweden (34.00). In France, a two-day Fresh service is also available in the Paris region.

Orders paid before 14:00 will be despatched on the same or next available day. Delivery before midday.*

  • For delivery on Tuesday order on Thursday after 14:00, Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday before 14:00.
  • For delivery on Wednesday order on Tuesday before 14:00.
  • For delivery on Thursday order on Wednesday before 14:00.
  • For delivery on Friday order on Thursday before 14:00.

*EXCEPTION: No delivery or courier collection at the farm on public holidays, Ascension Day and Whit Monday.

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B2B customers

We offer our best available terms and conditions and the option of pre-ordering to business customers in the event industry and florists with a VAT number in Belgium who value our quality locally grown product. Please contact us to set up an account and do not hesitate to ask for a free quote.

Our cut flowers for professionals are also available through the Agora Group in Belgium, France and Italy or can be collected from the farm by appointment.

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