Open veld Graefswinning

A chance to experience the different growing habits, colours, flowers and scents. 

All peony and flower lovers welcome! Feel free to wander around our flower fields and enjoy the beauty peonies have to offer. We grow as many as 300 varieties of herbaceous and Itoh peonies in our fields, located within walking distance from the main farm buildings and also accessible for sturdy buggies! In case it rains, robust footwear is recommended, our beautiful loamy soil tends to stick once wet.

Peony plants 

The perfect time to shop or make your wish list. In our small nursery we offer a selection of peonies in 7L | 1.8-gallon pots. First come first served!

If your dream peony is still growing in our fields, no worries. The varieties listed in our catalogue are available as bare root plants in the autumn. We can ship your order or you may choose to collect on site. Orders can be placed at the farm or through our online shop

Peony Bouquets

We grow many different varieties as cut flowers. Beautiful, old-fashioned beauties and daring newcomers. They are available for pick up at the farm from mid-May till mid-June. What could be better in spring than a bouquet of peonies fresh from the fields!

If you require large quantities, please feel free to contact us in advance.

Hints and Tips

A good soil preparation is half the work done. Visit our hints and tips section for more information. 


In April the peonies are just starting to emerge. If you wish to see our fields in flower, you are welcome to join us from mid-May onwards. 

THE NURSERY is open the following weekends : 

10 & 11 April from 1:00PM till 6:00PM (Covid lockdown rules for essential shops)

17 & 18 April from 1:00PM till 6:00PM (Covid lockdown rules for essential shops)

24 & 25 April from 1:00PM till 6:00PM (Covid lockdown rules for essential shops)

1 & 2 May from 1:00PM till 6:00PM

8 & 9 May from 1:00PM till 6:00PM

THE FIELDS AND NURSERY are open from Thursday till Sunday (and Whit Monday):

20 till & 24 May from 1:00PM till 6:00PM

27 till 30 May from 1:00PM till 6:00PM

3 till 6 June from 1:00PM till 6:00PM

Cut flowers are available from mid-May onwards on those days that we are open. Nature plays its tricks sometimes, so our peonies’ progress is updated regularly on our Facebook and Instagram page.

In function of the flowering season and Covid-19, dates may change, so please check this page before you leave! 

Entering our fields outside the opening hours is considered trespassing. Even during opening hours it is possible that one or more fields or areas are not open to the public, we appreciate your respect knowing how difficult this may be.

PRACTICAL - READ ME  Click here for more practical information on how, where, Covid-19 and our facilities.

Looking forward to your visit.

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