Open veld Graefswinning

A chance to experience the different growing habits, colours, flowers and scents. 

All peony and flower lovers are welcome! Feel free to wander through our flower fields and enjoy the beauty that peonies have to offer. We grow up to 300 varieties of herbaceous and Itoh peonies in our fields, which are within walking distance of the main farm buildings. They are also accessible by a sturdy buggy! Sturdy footwear is recommended in case of rain as our beautiful loamy soil tends to stick when wet.

Peony Plants 

The perfect time to shop or make your wish list. We have a limited selection of peonies available in the courtyard. They come in 7L | 1.8 gallon pots. 

If your dream peony is still growing in our fields, don't worry. The varieties listed in our catalogue are available as bare root plants in the autumn. We deliver to the EU or you can collect them from us in the autumn.   Orders can be placed at the farm or via our online shop

Peony Bouquets

We grow many different varieties of cut flowers peonies. Beautiful, old fashioned beauties and bold newcomers. Collect them at the farm's flower pop-up shop during opening hours. What better way to celebrate spring than with peony blossoms fresh from the field?

We are NOT an U-pick farm.

Please contact us in advance if you need large quantities.

Hints and Tips

Good soil preparation is half the job. Visit our hints and tips section for more information. 

Farm Rules

In order to continue our tradition of welcoming you to our flower fields and farm, we simply ask that you respect the people who work here, the other visitors and the plants.  

We request that you observe the following rules:

1. The speed limit is 30km/h or less. Follow the one-way signs as indicated. Park in the designated area, not on the main road.

2. Follow the instructions given by Graefswinning staff.

3. Do not venture in between the plants.

4. Entering our fields outside the opening hours is considered trespassing. Even during opening hours it is possible that one or more fields or areas may not be open to the public. We appreciate your respect as we know how difficult this can be. Trespassers will be composted.

5. Cutting flowers, picking, harvesting seeds or cuttings is forbidden, as is damaging or removing plants, moving or removing labels. Fines will be issued and cashed on the spot. We accept credit cards, debit cards and cash. Fines start at €250.00 and are calculated at the owner's discretion. To get an idea, take the value of one plant and multiply by ten. You are not only damaging the actual plant, you are damaging our livelihood for the next fifteen years.

6. Always supervise children.

7. All dogs must be kept on a lead from arrival to departure. Poop bags are compulsory. Please do not let your dog pee on the plants. We provide fresh drinking water for our furry friends.

8. Enjoy the birdsong. Do not bring radios, musical instruments, drones or other disturbing devices.

9. We are not a jogging or sports park, we are a working farm. Wearing headphones is discouraged. Please stay away from tractors and other moving equipment or machinery.

10. All your rubbish must be taken home.

11. Smoking is forbidden everywhere; especially in the fields! Peonies are susceptible to the tobacco virus.

12. We give permission to take photos or small videos to help you choose your peonies. We do NOT allow any photography - video - drones or any other recording of any kind in our fields or on the farm. Fines will be issued and collected on the spot. We accept credit cards, debit cards and cash. Fines start at €1000.00 and are at the discretion of the owner. To be clear, you are NOT allowed in between the flowers as you are spreading disease and damaging the plants. So NO standing, sitting, lying, trampling and the list goes on and on between the plants. You are simply killing our livelihood for the next fifteen years. And you irritate true plant lovers!

All fines will go to charity. We want to help other farmers and their families in Ukraine. If in doubt please do not come. Thank you for your respect and understanding.

13. We are not responsible for any damage to you or your property during your visit. Please be aware that you are visiting an old farm and fields, the environment requires at least sturdy shoes. 

14. Do not photograph other people at close quarters without their generous permission. Some like it, many don't.

15. Rules are subject to change without notice.

For your information, plants in the propagation fields are not labelled, except for those that are for sale in the current year.

You agree to abide by these rules when you enter the Graefswinning domain.

Opening Hours

In April the peonies are just beginning to emerge. If you would like to see our fields in bloom, you are welcome to visit us from mid-May onwards for the early flowering varieties. Nature can play tricks on us, so the progress of our peonies will be regularly updated on our Facebook, Instagram and Threads pages.

Cut flowers are available in season during opening hours. 

In the spring of 2025 the fields and farm will be open from 1pm to 5pm on the following days.

Friday 9 and Saturday 10 May.

Friday 16, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 May.

Friday 23, Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 May.

Thursday 29, Friday 30, Saturday 31 May and Sunday 1 June.

How to reach us

Our address is: Graefswinning - Diestersteenweg 222 - 3850 Nieuwerkerken in Belgium. 

By car

We are located just off the main road from Sint-Truiden to Herk de Stad. Some GPS devices don't always recognise us. Please check a route planner before you leave. 

Parking space is available at the farm.

By public transport

Click here

Farm facilities

Pop up flower shop and collection of orders is in the courtyard, entrance on the left side of the farm.

Contactless payment, payment by card and cash payments are accepted.

There is a restroom in the farm building.

We look forward to your visit.

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