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Why choose a bare root peony when a potted one seems so much easier?

5 Reasons to plant bare root peonies in autumn:

1. In tune with nature

Planting bare roots in autumn is in tune with nature. In autumn the peony produces its hair roots, which are its guarantee for the future. The new roots will anchor the young plant. They will also provide nutrients and moisture in the event of drought next spring. When mature, the roots can reach up to 50 cm from the centre.

2. No watering

A bare-root peony planted in the autumn in a well-prepared spot is self-sufficient. Peonies in our production fields are not watered. If transferred to a pot, the plant will need to be cared for until the following autumn.

3. Better growth

Roots planted immediately in your soil will follow their natural growth pattern. A passage in a pot alters the natural growth of the roots. Living in a pot is like living out of a suitcase, everyone prefers a real home.

4. Environmentally friendly

Less plastic, less peat and less transport.

5. Better for you

Less work and easier planting.

What more could you ask for?