Step into the

beautiful world of peonies

We like to grow our peonies slowly.

Even when you want us to hasten,

we still take our time

to ensure and select the best quality:

Peony flowers in spring.

Peony roots for prime planting time, the autumn.



Peony plants

Buy your peonies from a peony farmer. Vigorous "slow-grown" roots with 3 to 5 eyes straight from our beautiful loamy soil in the Haspengouw, Belgium. Our peony roots cultivated with care,...

Peony cut flowers

Home Delivery! Our aim is to deliver the freshest peonies straight from the field to your door. If you love the seasons, peonies are probably your favourite cut flower. Whether you are a...

New varieties 2023

New varieties do not just appear out of the blue, especially when it comes to peonies! In search for the perfect peony, crosses have been made and evaluated for centuries. A SEED takes 4 to 5...

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