We grant permission to electronically copy and print portions of this website for the sole purpose of HOME use, in order to assist you in your selection process. Please remember, however, that paper does not grow on trees. 

The photos and images not created by us are used by Graefswinning with permission of their creators. 

It is NOT permitted to copy, change, or use in any way, any content, photos, images or graphic work for commercial or other use without the written approval of Graefswinning. 


We attempt to maintain the highest levels of accuracy in the photos and descriptions of our peonies. A photo, however, is always a snapshot of a moment in time. Descriptions are as accurate as possible. Location and weather conditions, however, may cause slight variations from year to year. The flower descriptions apply to mature peonies three years of age and older. The proper presentation of digital photos depends on your home computer hardware and software. 


Promotions are valid for a specific period, or until end of stock. Once a promotion ends for the reasons mentioned above or any other reason, it is not possible to demand its extension. 

True to name

We pride ourselves on growing peonies true to name. In case of doubt, please contact us immediately. Send us a photo of the flower and the plant together with a copy of the order, and we will investigate and rectify possible errors whenever possible. 

Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.