Peony Lafayette Escadrille

Peony 'Lafayette Escadrille'


Paeonia Itoh 'Lafayette Escadrille'. A row of deep burgundy red slender petals encloses a limited amount of stamens and very prominent greenish pistils. 

New shoots with a red glow, subsequently grow into a mass of fresh green foliage. Flowers bloom just above the decorative leaves.

Like most red Itoh peonies the foliage can develop small brown spots in hot summers . This is genetic and cosmetic and has nothing to do with the health of the plant.

Registered by W. Seidl in 1988.

Peony Details

Pehrson Leroy


Colour palette
Flowering period
From week 3 | Early mid
Flower form
Plant size
d| ↕︎ up to 90 cm | ↔︎ up to 90 cm
Flower bud(s)
One main flower bud
Ideal for
The landscape garden - no support
Position & soil
Sunny and airy - soil well worked and not soggy
Fully hardy -20ºC or depending on snow cover

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