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Peony Nippon Gold

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Paeonia lactiflora “Nippon Gold” is softly scented. It is a lovely cut flower as well as a gracious landscape peony, so not requiring any support. The dark green foliage displays its lactiflora heritage. It is classified as a Japanese type peony and falls in the group of late flowering varieties. Therefor a lovely asset to extend the peony flowering season just a bit longer.

Soft pink guard petals surround a tuft of yellow staminode’s. Staminodes are slender petals derived from the stamens and therefore do not contain any pollen. However, the carpels are present and this vigorous grower is the mama-parent of several well-known varieties registered by Don Hollingsworth like “My Love”, “Lavon”, “La Donna” and “Sandra Marie”. Several are available in our catalogue or in the years to come.  

Registered with the American Peony Society in 1929

3/5 eyes quality root from our 3-year old fields - AUTUMN
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  Quality roots with 3/5 eyes directly from our 3-year old fields.

The new harvest can be ordered from February 1st for delivery from October onwards.

Peony Details

Auten Edward

Data sheet

Colour Palette From pink to magenta
Flowering Period From Week 5 | Late
Flower form Japanese
Height c| 60 to 80 cm | 24" to 32"
Fragrance Softly scented
Flower Bud(s) One main flower bud
Usage Landscape & bouquet
Position & Soil Sunny and airy - soil well worked and not soggy
Hardiness Fully hardy -30º or more depending on snow cover