Peony Brother Chuck

Peony 'Brother Chuck'


Paeonia lactiflora 'Brother Chuck'. Pink tinged buds with a hint of green open up to beautiful rose-shaped double white flowers. The softly scented flowers contrast perfectly with the dark green lush foliage. Despite its sturdy stems, the large flowers require some additional support. However this plant is more than worth the extra effort. Several buds per stem prolong the flowering period of this magnificent cut flower.

Named after Roy Klehm's brother, Carl, who loved the excitement of the peony conventions and displaying flowers for so many people to enjoy.

Registered in 1995.

Peony Details

Klehm Roy G.


Colour palette
White & blush
Flowering period
From week 4 | Mid
Flower form
Plant size
c| ↕︎ up to 70 cm | ↔︎ up to 70 cm
Softly scented
Flower bud(s)
One main flower bud and plenty of sidebuds
Ideal for
The cutting garden
Position & soil
Sunny and airy - soil well worked and not soggy
Fully hardy -20ºC or depending on snow cover

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