• P. Dawn Glow

Peony Dawn Glow

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Paeonia herbaceous hybrid ”Dawn Glow”. Flowers are ivory white with a hint of lavender in the center. 

A ring of stamens is accentuated by burgundy tipped carpels and matching flares at the base of the flower. Strong stems are clad in bold light green foliage.

Seeds are produced abundantly and are a parent of several crossings by Roy Pehrson and Chris Laning.

An early flowering single variety, adding a splash of gaiety to your garden.

Registered in 1986 by Donald Hollingsworth.

This variety not available and in multiplication

Peony Details

Data sheet

Colour Palette From white to blush
Flowering Period From Week 1 | Very early
Flower form Single
Height d| 80 to 100 cm | 32" to 40"
Fragrance Softly scented
Flower Bud(s) One main flower bud
Usage As a landscape peony

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