Tree peony Tria

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Paeonia lutea hybrid "Tria". Very often displays three flower buds per stem. They open consecutively; hence provide a very extended flowering period.

Flowers change from pale yellow to silvery yellow once they reach maturity. Because of the extended flowering period all shades can be admired simultaneously. Stems are strong and flowers are placed well above the delicate foliage. The flowers are softly scented and a joy for the gardener. 

Registered in 1986.

Sorry, this variety is sold out and back in multiplication

  Quality roots with 3/5 eyes directly from our 3-year old fields.

The new harvest can be ordered from February 2020 for delivery from October 2020.

Peony Details

Nassos Daphnis

Data sheet

Colour Palette From yellow to coral
Flowering Period From Week 2 | Early
Flower form Single
Height e| Over 100 cm | 40"
Fragrance Softly scented
Flower Bud(s) One main flower bud and some sidebuds
Usage Landscape peony