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We like to grow our peonies slowly.

Even when you want us to hasten,

we still take our time

to ensure and select the best quality:

Peony cut flowers in spring.

Peony roots for prime planting time, the autumn.

Peony plants

Buy your peonies from a peony farmer. Vigorous "slow-grown" roots with 3 to 5 eyes straight from our beautiful loamy soil in the Haspengouw, Belgium. Our peony roots cultivated with care, are delivered at the ideal planting time, in autumn.

Peony cut flowers

Peony flowers arrive at your door as if you'd just cut them from your garden. Express delivery to Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, Finland and Sweden. If you take the seasons to heart, cut peonies are sure to be your favourite spring flowers. Whether it's for your own enjoyment or as a gift! A bouquet of peonies is always welcomed with open arms.

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