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Fukubukuro - Lucky bag

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Fukubukuro are Japanese lucky bags prepared at the start of the New Year and people in Japan queue up for hours to get one. The lucky bags contain mystery goods. At the launch of our 2019 catalogue an to celebrate the Japan and European Union trade deal which both start at the same day we would like to offer you our Fukubukuro version. 

Of course we will only select peonies! But which ones is up chance, the weather, our harvest. There might be new ones or very classic ones. May be they are in our catalogue already or maybe not! It could be some you would never chose for yourself or which have been on your wish list for a very long time. So if you like a surprise.....chose a Fukubukoro peony bag!

Our lucky bags are shipped at the same time we ship our regular orders in autumn, so as always a little patience applies. Of course the peony roots will be labelled, unless you prefer that this also remains a mystery until next spring.

We hope that you will enjoy the adventure. 

Reserve your roots for shipping autumn 2019.

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