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Order your peonies from a peony farm!

Quality roots with 3/5 eyes fresh from our 3-year old fields in Belgium.

The new harvest can be ordered from February 1st onwards. Our peony roots cultivated with care, are delivered with care this autumn.

Herbaceous peonies

An herbaceous peony is a long-lived perennial. New shoots reappear each spring and grow into a large bush. The stems disintegrate in autumn, and in winter the peony retires underground, preparing new flowers for spring.

Itoh peonies

An Itoh or intersectional hybrid peony is a cross between a tree and an herbaceous peony. The foliage and flowers reveal their tree peony ancestry. Their growth pattern, however, is similar to the herbaceous peony. Foliage remains healthy until the first frost. The Itoh peony is an asset for every garden. 

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