• P. Fantasia

Peony Fantasia

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Paeonia herbaceous hybrid "Fantasia". The flowers, pink and single, dance like butterflies above the luxuriant foliage.

The burgundy red shoots arrive well ahead of most other peonies. They turn into light green coloured leaves, which contract perfectly with the still deep burgundy stems. Seedpods appear in the early summer and can be harvested from mature (3-4 year old) plants. 

A nice fantasy of Prof. Saunders, which does not require any staking.

Registered in 1931.

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Peony Details

Data sheet

Colour Palette From pink to magenta
Flowering Period From Week 1 | Very early
Flower form Single
Height d| 80 to 100 cm | 32" to 40"
Flower Bud(s) One main flower bud
Usage As a landscape peony