• P. Topeka Garnet

Peony Topeka Garnet

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Paeonia lactiflora Topeka Garnet. Fierce red petals form a cup shaped flower and surround a centre of yellow staminoids. Red tipped carpels act as focus points.

The reddish spring foliage gradually changes into a very dark green. Foliage remains healthy even during hot dry seasons. A worthy landscape peony, which acts like a bright focal point in every spring garden.

APS Gold Medal 2012 and APS Award of Landscape Merit 2009.

Registered in 1975.

This variety not available and in multiplication

Peony Details

Bigger Myron D.

Data sheet

Colour Palette From red to purple
Flowering Period From Week 4 | Mid
Flower form Single
Height c| 60 to 80 cm | 24" to 32"
Flower Bud(s) One main flower bud and some sidebuds
Usage For a garden bouquet

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