Peony Pink Vanguard

Peony Pink Vanguard


Paeonia herbaceous hybrid “Pink Vanguard”.

Opaque pink semi-double cup shaped flowers are held above a dome of healthy green foliage. Strong stems are covered entirely by the large glossy leaves, which remain pristine until long after the flowering season.

At our open field days in 2014 when a cold snap delayed the flowering of most varieties, Pink Vanguard surpassed our expectations. Frost resistant, early flowering, fragrant, a reliable bloomer and no staking required. These qualities impressed our visitors. During the guided tour everybody sniffed the flowers and the lingering scent of cloves was confirmed by 80% of the participants who ventured outside on this cold and windy day. 

Needless to say that this one comes with a superior pedigree, with promises for more beauties!

Registered with the American Peony Society in 2005 by Donald Hollingsworth.

Peony Details

Seidl William J.


Colour palette
Flowering period
From week 1 | Very early
Flower form
Plant size
d| ↕︎ up to 90 cm | ↔︎ up to 90 cm
Intensely fragrant
Flower bud(s)
One main flower bud
Ideal for
The cutting garden
The landscape garden - no support
Position & soil
Sunny and airy - soil well worked and not soggy
Fully hardy -20ºC or depending on snow cover

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