Peony Moon River

Peony Moon River


Paeonia lactiflora "Moon River".

First the song.... "Moon River"

by Audrey Hepburn born in Belgium ;)

Moon River, wider than a mile,

I'm crossing you in style some day. 

Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker, 

wherever you're going I'm going your way. 

Two drifters off to see the world. 

There's such a lot of world to see. 

We're after the same rainbow's end

waiting 'round the bend, 

my huckleberry friend, 

Moon River and me.

Music by Henry Mancini, lyrics by Johnny Mercer

1961 Paramount Music Corporation, ASCAP

The flower: This peony is double softly scented with a luminous pink blush. Stems are strong and medium heigh, the peony does not require a support. Without doubt an adorable peony for the garden and vase. 

Registered in 1972

Peony Details

Klehm Carl George

Data sheet

Colour Palette
From white to blush
Flowering Period
From Week 4 | Mid
Flower form
Plant size
c| ↕︎ up to 70 cm | ↔︎ up to 70 cm
Softly scented
Flower Bud(s)
One main flower bud and plenty of sidebuds
Ideal for
The cutting garden
Position & Soil
Sunny and airy - soil well worked and not soggy
Fully hardy -20ºC or depending on snow cover

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